Philips InnoSight

Philips InnoSight

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Intuitive user interface
An intuitive user interface and streamlined workflow make InnoSight easy to use while reducing the learning curve. The customizable workflow and programmable keys provide a personalized experience.

Enhanced moblity
At only 2.5 kg, the lightweight, ergonomically designed InnoSight tablet offers enhanced mobility. Wth a battery back up that lasts appoximately 1.5 hours, instantaneous “on”, and advanced connectivity features, InnoSight allows unhindered mobility.

A flexible system
With InnoSight, you can configure the system according to your needs and preferences. Customize preferred behaviors for imaging, workflow, connectivity, measurements, and more.

Easy connectivity
InnoSight has Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for DICOM transfer to hospital PACS, wireless printing, and secondary display. USB connectvity enables users to easily back up and restore patient data to external media. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to connect compatible keyboards for data entry.

High quality imaging
InnoSight comes equipped with iSCAN, XRES, and SonoCT for enhanced image quality across applications. This helps minimize speckle, enhance signal to noise ratio, and results in a high quality imaging experience.

Visualize needles prominently
InnoSight provides enhanced visualization of the in-plane needle for greater confidence during interventional procedures.



Physical Dimensions – InnoSight tablet
Weight: 2.46 kg
Length: 31.9 cm
Width: 8,79 inches
Height: 3.2 cm
HD Display: 29.4 cm

InnoSight Mobility Cart
Weight: 27.7 kg
Width: 48.6 cm
Depth: 56.6 cm
Adjustable Height: 118.6 cm to 148.6 cm

Curved array C6-2: 128 elements
Linear array L12-4: 128 elements
Trans Vaginal C9-4v: 128 elements
Sector array S4-2: 64 elements

Philips InnoSight